Charlot Pauwels

Charlot Pauwels

CrossFit - As a recreational sports enthusiast, I often look for extra challenges. I like to reach my personal milestones and I also want to use the right fuel for my body (healthy sports nutrition and the right supplements).

My discipline

CrossFit -> CAP Gistel

Number of hours’ training per week

7 - 10 hours


"If it doesn’t challenge you,
it doesn’t change you."

My favourite Etixx products

Here is a list of the Etixx products I use regularly:

  • High Protein Shake (post workout)
  • BCAA (before and after training)
  • Creatine (course)
  • Magnesium 100% Bisglycinate PRO LINE
  • Caffeine Energy Shots (extra boost for METCON WOD)

My greatest sporting achievements 

As a recreational sportswoman, I am less focused on specific goals. However, I do like to strive for an ever-better physical performance.

My #GiveItYourAll moment in 2021

My main aim for 2021 is to strive to be the in the best possible physical shape (currently no specific competition goals)

My social media

Instagram: @cookalotbycharlot

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