Ward Lemmelijn

Ward Lemmelijn

Rowing - I played football in the Dutch Premier League until I was 18. I found out I was talented at other sports (running, cycling etc.) and discovered rowing through my college. I have now been doing the sport for 3 years indoors and another 1 year on the water. After becoming world champion in indoor rowing, my main goal is the Paris Olympic Games in2024 (on the water). I am now entering my second year as an Etixx ambassador. I am very happy to represent a brand that, just like me, always aims to be the best!

My discipline

Rowing -> Belgian sharks

Number of hours’ training per week

30 hours


"They watch, they hate, they copy."

My favourite Etixx products

  • Nutritional Energy Gel and Energy Sport Bar Marzipan (I combine both, during my long water training sessions, a real must if you are going to exercise for more than an hour)
  • After a competition, the Recovery Shake PRO LINE is fantastic for recovery!

My greatest sporting achievements 

3-times world champion in indoor rowing

My personal records

  • Belgian record indoor rowing 500 metres
  • Belgian record indoor rowing 2000 metres
  • Belgian record indoor rowing 6000 metres

My #GiveItYourAll moment in 2021

Qualifying tournament Olympic Games Tokyo 2021

My social media

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