Matthijs Verhanneman, player Knack Roeselare, has his say

Friday 06 November 2020

Matthijs Verhanneman, player Knack Roeselare, has his say

This season too the team of Knack Roeselare are using Etixx products. We asked player Matthies Verhanneman a couple of questions. Are you interested in which Etixx products Matthijs uses every day? Or would you like to know what his favourite meal is? Then read on...

What will your GiveItYourAll moment (greatest challenge) be for 2021?
Surviving the pool phase of the Champions League.

What is your favourite meal?
Stuffed, sweet pointed peppers

What do you try to pay most attention to in your daily diet? And explain how this impacts your sports performance.
In my daily diet, I try to find a balance between my carbohydrate intake and the intensity of my training.

How do you prepare for a match? What meal do you eat before a match, what supplements do you take, what sports nutrition do you eat (which products and quantity), particular rituals etc.
On the day of the match, even at breakfast I eat a lot more carbohydrates than on other days. Half an hour before the match I start drinking an isotonic drink.

What products do you use during and after training/a match to improve your performance and recovery? Briefly describe the content of this training/match.
I use the isotonic drink throughout the match. From set 2 onwards, I eat a handful of Sport Gummies after each set. After a tough match I also drink a Recovery Shake to optimise my recovery.

Which Etixx product would you absolutely recommend to athletes who haven't experienced the Etixx range yet? Can you describe how and in which situations you primarily use this product?
The High Protein Shake is the most important product for me. This shake is very low in carbohydrates so it’s the perfect shake after intensive power training. Power training is one of the most crucial elements for making a difference in professional volleyball. Having the right protein intake is almost as important as the power training itself. So for me personally, this product makes the biggest difference.

Which Etixx sub-range (Health, Power, Endurance, Performance, Recovery) is important for you and why?
In professional volleyball, the combination of Power and Recovery is most important. The products from these 2 sub-ranges are vital for maintaining your best performance throughout the year.

Every Etixx product bears an ‘Informed Sport’ logo as proof that the product has been tested for prohibited substances. As an athlete, why is it important to you that Etixx is so strongly committed to this?
As a professional volleyball player, I have 4 doping checks per year on average. So it goes without saying that I must be able to trust the products I use completely. The ‘Informed Sport’ logo is therefore an absolute requirement for me if I am going to use a dietary supplement.

In general, what do you think are the major strengths of the Etixx range compared to other sports nutrition brands?
For me, one of their major strengths is the variety available within the range.

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