Telenet Giants Antwerp

Telenet Giants Antwerp

Basketball - Euromillions Basketball League

“To give these players optimum support, in addition to their daily nutrition needs, we provide an individually-tailored Etixx supplement package to meet their recovery needs after a tough strength-training session, basketball training or match. Over the past few years, we have seen that the individualised approach has been beneficial for building and maintaining strength. So Etixx 'Creatine Creapure' and the 'High Protein Shake' are essential during our periodisation phase, in which we work to increase explosiveness and strength.

The high frequency of the matches we play, both in the national competition, the cup competition and our European campaign which involves a lot of travelling, demands a lot of energy from our players and therefore also requires the necessary recovery. Thank you Etixx for supporting us with this!"

Koen Embrechts, physical coach at Telenet Giants Antwerp

The Telenet Giants Antwerp players’ favourite Etixx products:

  • High Protein Shake (chocolate flavour)
  • Caffeine Energy Shot
  • Creatine Creapure
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