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After intensive or prolonged, sustained training/competition the glycogen (stored sugar) has disappeared from the muscles and liver and the muscles are tired. Recovery of muscle glycogen is the primary focus during recovery after extreme (prolonged) exertion. The recommendation is to ingest 1 g of carbohydrates per kg of body weight immediately after the exercise and then every 2 hours for the next 6 hours, depending on the duration and intensity of the exertion.

Attention must also be paid to repairing muscle damage. Ingestion of proteins and, in particular, amino acids (the building blocks of proteins and therefore also of muscle tissue) are suitable for rapid muscle recovery. Moreover, the simultaneous ingestion of proteins and carbohydrates ensures faster recovery of muscle glycogen. Until recently, it was assumed that acute intake of 10 to a maximum of 25 grams of protein after exertion was the optimum dose for muscle recovery and building. However, recent research has shown that athletes who put maximum strain on large muscle groups prefer to consume even higher amounts (up to 40 g) of proteins immediately after exertion for optimal recovery.

Whey protein is the highest-quality protein on the market that is absorbed faster than casein or soy, for example. It is naturally very rich in leucine (an essential amino acid playing a key role in muscle building) and contains all essential amino acids in higher concentrations than vegetable protein sources. Scientific studies have shown that 3 g of leucine after exercise is the optimal dosage for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis.

Recovery Shake PRO LINE, a high-dose mix of carbohydrates (±60 g), whey protein isolate (±30 g) and leucine (3 g), has been compiled based on the latest scientific findings. In addition, this professional shake also contains 1.2 g of salt per portion with the aim of replenishing the electrolytes (salts) lost through sweat and to speed up and optimise rehydration.

Who can benefit from the Recovery Shake PROLINE?

  • All athletes who train intensively or undergo prolonged and sustained exertion
  • All athletes after competition
  • After intensive endurance training, intensive pace training, efforts such as cyclosportive events, marathons, triathlons, etc.


Immediately after intensive or very prolonged training/competition:
Dissolve 100 g of powder (3 scoops) in 500 ml of water.


This food supplement for sportspeople. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute to a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not to exceed the daily recommended dose. Store out of the reach of young children.


Chocolate: Whey protein isolate (milk), sucrose, maltodextrin, fat-reduced cocoa powder (emulsifier: sunflower lecitin), fructose, flavoring (chocolate), thickeners (guar gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan standardized with sucrose), sodium chloride, L-leucine.

Banana: Maltodextrin, whey protein isolate (milk), sucrose, fructose, flavoring (banana), sodium chloride, thickeners (xanthan gum, carrageenan standardized with sucrose), colouring (carotenes), L-leucine.

No gluten - contains lactose - contains soy (except banana version) - vegetarians √ - vegans x

Nutritional information

  Chocolate Banana


Per 100 g

Per 100 g


1597 kJ / 376 kcal

1619 kJ / 381 kcal


1,1 g

0,34 g

Of which saturates

0,54 g

0,12 g


58 g

64 g

Of which sugars

33 g

33 g


31 g

30 g


1,2 g

1,2 g





0,24 mg (24% RI*)



165,4 mg (21% RI*)

165.4 mg (21% RI*)


2,5 mg (18% RI*)



3 g

3 g

*RI = Reference intake 

Amino Acid profile Chocolate Banana
  g/ 100g g/ 100g
L-valine 1.93 1.93
L-leucine 3.02 3.02
L-isoleucine 2.11 2.11
L-alanine 1.53 1.53
L arginine 0.55 0.55
L-aspartaan zuur 3.09 3.09
L-cysteine 0.69 0.69
L-glutamine zuur 5.27 5.27
Glycine 0.44 0.44
L-lysine 2.84 2.84
L-histidine 0.45 0.45
L-methionine 0.63 0.63
L-phenylalanine 0.82 0.82
L-proline 1.76 1.76
L-serine 1.44 1.44
L-threonine 2.06 2.06
L-tryptophaan 0.47 0.47
L-tyrosine 0.78 0.78

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