Marith Vanhove

Marith Vanhove

I am Marith Vanhove and I’m 17. I am in my last year at the Topsportschool in Ghent where I am studying modern languages and top sport. I have been racing in competitions at the highest level for 10 years now and later I would really like to build a possible professional career. In addition, I am also very sociable and easy to get on with and I like helping people when they need it. The Etixx products give me the chance to achieve my goals and give the best of myself in training. It also really nice to be able to try out the latest products and share my experiences with my followers. I have had experience using Etixx products for a number of years and I am also very satisfied with them! Becoming an ambassador of my favourite sports nutrition brand is also great motivation to work toward my next big goals!

My discipline

Cycling -> WV Schijndel

Number of hours’ training per week

14 - 20 hours


“When you think you can't carry on,
you can always do a little more.”

My favourite Etixx products

I use Etixx Energy Sport Bars every day, preferably the chocolate and raspberry flavour. To recover properly, I finish off my training session with a Recovery Shake. During competitions, I use the Nutritional Energy Gel to get the best out of my performance. In addition to that, I also like using the Isotonic to stay hydrated during training and in competitions. After strength training in the gym, I go for a High Protein Shake or High Protein Bar.

My greatest sporting achievements 

I am a 5-times record holder on the track In addition, this season (2020) I was runner-up in the European Champion on the road in Plouay. After that I became two-time European Champion in the Madison and 500 m events. I have also been 17x national champion and have won two professional competitions (1.15A).

My personal records

  • 5x Belgian record holder on the track.
    • Newcomers 200m: 12"36:03
    • Newcomers 500m: 36"540;
    • Newcomers Individual Pursuit: 2'37"304
    • Juniors 500m 35"400
    • Juniors Individual Pursuit: 2'26"896
  • European Vice-Champion on the road in Plouay (2020)
  • 2x European Champion in the Madison and 500m.
  • 17x national champion
  • 2 x professional competition winner

My #GiveItYourAll moment in 2021

Track World Championships (specifically the 500m) which take place from 5-9 April. After that there is the European Track Championships, which take place from 17-22 August Finally, the Road World Championships which take place in Leuven, Belgium from 19-24 September.

My social media

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