Anti doping

Why the testing of sports nutrition is important

Speaking in global terms, we can say that 1 in 10 supplements may contain banned substances.

Just imagine: You suddenly test positive for a banned substance. Without you knowing, your sports nutrition contained a small amount of an unauthorised substance. A nightmare for any athlete. We believe that this kind of possible contamination of sports nutrition should not constitute an additional concern for athletes, so that he or she can fully focus on what is really important: sports.

That is why, at Etixx, we have every batch that is produced tested by an independent lab. Every batch of sports supplements is therefore tested for banned substances before they are ever put on the market. This way you, as an Etixx user, you canbe sure thatevery product you use is banned substance tested.

We, at Etixx, consider this safety aspect to be very important and this is reflected in our mission and vision regarding the development of sports nutrition. We take our product development as seriously as your sporting performance

The Informed Sports logo

Informed Sport is a global testing and certification programme for sports and nutritional supplements. LGC's world-class anti-doping laboratory tests supplements for contamination by a wide range of substances banned in sport, using ISO 17025 accredited methods. Even after approval, the process is continued by means of blind testing of samples that have already been certified. This process has been developed over 55 years of anti-doping expertise and continues to improve day by day.

LGC is a leading global life science tools company, providing mission-critical components and solutions for high-growth human healthcare areas of application and applied market segments.

We guarantee the quality and purity of our products by setting the highest quality requirements in the sector.

  1. All of our products adhere to ISO 17025 regulations and all national doping legislation
  2. Etixx Sports nutrition only works with production facilities and materials that are are banned substance tested
  3. Every lot that we produce and that leaves our factory is only released after being tested and receiving a certificate of analysis conformity (CAC).
  4. Etixx Sports keeps all of the reference tests for every production lot, up to two years after their expiry dates.
  5. Up to 3 years after production, the products on the market are randomly tested for prohibited substances by an external laboratory