David van Oosten

David van Oosten

I am a fanatical triathlete who is both active and a coach to triathletes on the side (DVO Coaching). Etixx supports me with top-quality (sports) nutrition to improve my performance. I have a range of Etixx products to choose from before, during and after a training session/race so I can always give my body the product it needs.

My discipline

Triatlon - DVO Coaching

Number of hours’ training per week



"If it's hurting me, it's killing them"

My favourite Etixx products

Double Carb Energy Gel PRO LINE & Etixx Energy Nougat Sport Bar are favourite!! Double Carb Energy Gel PRO LINE is great for races of intense and long training. Energy Nougat Sport Bars are great for long endurance sessions.

My greatest sporting achievements 

  • Ironman under 9 hours
  • Finish Ironman Kona Hawaï

My personal records 

  • Ironman sub 9 hours
  • Marathon 2:47
  • Half Ironman 4:06

My #GiveItYourAll moment in 2024

Getting in shape while managing life with 2 small kids!

My social media

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