Ruben Apers

Ruben Apers

Someone with a huge passion for sport and who at the same time looks at the world and sport in a different way, often in a creative quiet way.

My discipline

Cycling:  -> Team Flanders - Baloise
Gravel and crits (Usa)


Number of hours' training per week

25 h


"I'm only here for the party"


My favourite Etixx products

Dubble Carb Energy Gel PRO LINE and Energy Boost, everything you need for a good cycling performance


My greatest sporting achievements

5th World TT Junior Championship 2016


My #GiveItYourAll moment in 2024

World gravel championship in Belgium


My social media

Instagram: @ruben_apers
Facebooek: @Ruben_Apers_Baroudeur

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