Jessica Vall Montero

Jessica Vall Montero

I started swimming when I was only 3 years old. Since then perserverance, sacrfice and ambition have been the key to my success and mark me the way to act and thnik. Howecer,I am not only a swimmer, i am a Biologist too (speciality pharmeceutical industry) that is why I see the importance of supplementory feeding in sports preparation. I have been working together with Etixx for mny years. They have accompanied me to great championships (Rio 2016) but also to personal challenges such as Camino de Santiago. Finally, I concluded that sumplementory feeding is esencial for succes.

My discipline


Hours of training per week

35 - 40 hours

My favourite Etixx products

I use many etixx products for different propouses during my preparation.  For the strengh trainnig I use High Protein Shake and Creatine Creapure. To recover well from VO2 max training I use Recovery Shake PRO LINE.  And to compete I use Caffeine Energy Shots and Beta Alanine Slow Release.Finally, I use Isotonic to hydrate myself during the practise

My greatest sporting achievements

  • Bonze medalist in a world championships 
  • European champion in 200m breastroke

My personal records

I hold 5  National Records of the 6 breastrokes events:



50m (olympic)

50 breastroke


30,89 (NR)

100 Breastroke

1,04,80 (NR)

1,06,44 (NR)

200 Breastroke

2,18,46 (NR)

2,22,56 (NR)


My #GiveItYourAll moment in 2021

The covid era has taugh me that where and when isn´t important. What really matters is to be ready in every moment  wherever it takes is.

My social media

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Sportif positif, qui croque la vie à pleines dents, qui aime se lancer des défis. Ces dernières années, j’ai découvert que la discipline et la concentration peuvent vous aider à tirer toujours plus le meilleur de vous-même. Les produits Etixx y jouent également un rôle important. Pour moi, c’est devenu indispensable dans mon mode de vie quotidien. Autre petite anecdote : grâce à Etixx, j’ai rencontré ma petite amie, tout aussi battante que moi. Un match parfait !

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I am passionate about sports. Since I was little I admired professional athletes because I grew up in a family passionate about sports. When I started practicing triathlon, a sport that brought together three passions, I dreamed of being what I am now, and being able to participate in some Olympic Games. I feel fortunate to be part of the Etixx team, but above all, to maintain it over time and that they continue to trust me and my work. It is a luxury to work with a brand like this, which makes you feel valued and loved.

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