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Proteins are essential nutrients found in healthy and balanced diets (e.g. in meat, fish, eggs, milk, soy, nuts...). The recommended daily allowance of protein for strength athletes ranges between 1.2-1.7g/kg body weight per day.

Physical exercise and in particular strength training results in increased protein breakdown and synthesis. For optimal muscle growth (hypertrophy) and increase in muscle strength after strength training, sufficient protein, and in particular amino acids, must be ingested. Taking 20g of protein immediately after training has been shown to be sufficient for maintaining, recovering and building muscle mass. It is also recommended to spread protein-rich meals throughout the day.

Pea and rice protein are a good lactose-free alternative to whey protein. Both pea and rice proteins are considered high-quality plant-based protein sources. They contain all 9 essential amino acids and are easily digestible. Moreover, pea and rice protein complement each other perfectly in terms of amino acid profile.

Take the Vegan High Protein Shake after the physical effort for growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

For who can the Etixx Vegan High Protein Shake be beneficial?

The Vegan High Protein Shake is a tasty sugar-free protein shake suitable for vegetarian/vegan explosive athletes doing strength training (including weightlifters, powerlifters, throwers, sprinters, bodybuilders, rugby players ...). The Vegan High Protein Shake is an ideal supplement to daily protein needs in combination with protein-rich meals spread throughout the day. As this shake contains no added sugars, it fits perfectly within a low-carbohydrate diet (weight management).


Dissolve 35g of powder in 300ml of water (2 scoops = 35g of powder), immediately after the physical effort.


Pea protein isolate; flavouring; L-leucine; natural flavouring; rice protein concentrate; thickening agent: xanthan gum; sweetener: sucralose; sodium chloride; colouring agent: beta-carotene.

Gluten-free - lactose-free - soy-free - vegetarian √ - vegan √

Nutritional information


Vanilla caramel

Nutritional values

By 100g

By 35g

Energy (kcal)



Energy (kJ)



Fats (g)



Proteins (g) *



Carbohydrates (g)



Sugars (g)



Salt (g)



* Type of proteins: pea protein isolate, rice protein concentrate

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