Still looking for an original Father's Day gift for your sporty dad? Surprise him with the Etixx Endurance Tasting Pack, a versatile package composed of 14 different testers of gels, bars, isotonic sports drinks and recovery shake. This specially designed pack is designed to support athletes in finding the optimal combination of nutrition to suit their individual training needs. Not only is this a great gift for seasoned athletes, but it is also ideal for beginners who like to experiment with various products and flavours.

Order before 5 June for guaranteed delivery for Father's Day. Use the discount code FATHERSDAY and enjoy free shipping and €10 off. 


Meet our endurance tasting pack! The variety pack includes 14 different testers of gels, bars and isotonic sports drinks and recovery shake to help you find the perfect combination of nutrition to suit your training needs. Whether you are training for an important event or just looking for new favourites to refresh your training routine, our tasting pack offers convenience and variety without the need to buy individual products.
Moreover, it is the ideal option for beginners who want to experiment with different products and flavours.


Contents Endurance Trial Pack:
1x Nutritious Energy Gel Cola
1x Isotonic Drink Energy Gel Apple
1x Ginseng & Guarana Energy Gel Cherry
1x Double Carbohydrate Energy Gel PROLINE Blueberry
1x Isotonic Energy Gel Lime
1x Sport Gummies Cola
1x Energy Bar Red Fruit
1x Energy Bar Nougat
1x Natural oat sports bar
1x Energy bar Marzipan
1x Isotonic drink Lemon 35g
1x Isotonic drink Orange-Mango 35g
1x Recovery Shake Chocolate 50g
1x Caffeine Energy Shot Apple

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All products in the Sports and Muscle range are banned substance tested
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