Tips and tricks from Marathon Woman

Monday 08 April 2024

Tips and tricks from Marathon Woman

Does the name Hilde Dosogne (53) sound familiar? Chances are, because as Marathon Woman, she has been venturing into a world record attempt since 1 January, with the support of Etixx products, by running a marathon 151 days in a row. If successful, Hilde would like to extend the streak to 366 days to raise extra money for the charity BIG against breast cancer, a non-profit organisation that funds breast cancer research. Find out her tips and tricks below.

1. How can you mentally recharge daily to run a marathon on the same course?

"I am a woman who lives up to her words and I knew beforehand that I would have to sustain the challenge of covering 42,195km daily for a full year. I am also doing it for the charity BIG against breast cancer. That is an extra trigger to recharge me. Moreover, mental support plays an important role. Especially on social media, I get a lot of encouragement from followers. On Strava, the most popular app for endurance athletes, I get more than 1,000 kudos daily. Together with the focus on the end goal, these reasons make up my daily drive."

2. You attended the "Sports nutrition in function of a marathon" info session as a special guest. Did you learn anything?

"The alternation of the different types of gels is something I will definitely try out, because at the moment I mainly use the Isotonic Energy Gel Lime. I always take a gel before the start of a marathon and during I take a gel every five kilometres - the length of the course around the Watersportbaan in Ghent. In total, there are eight of which six are Isotonic Energy Gels Lime and two Nutritional Energy Gels Cola. Because I like the Isotonic Energy Gel best, I use it the most. But I eventually learnt during the info session that alternating with the Isotonic Drink Energy Gel would be a better choice."

"In addition, drinking more is a working point for me, as currently I drink one full 750ml Etixx water bottle during an effort of around four hours. So this is too little, especially with summer approaching, I will have to improve this."

3. Do you pay a lot of attention to daily nutrition?

"I pay a lot of attention to this and it is extra necessary because I am a vegetarian. I know that animal proteins are the best sources of protein because they are the richest in essential amino acids and are also the best absorbed. But it is certainly possible to take the right amounts of protein in plant form. My husband who takes on the role of cook adds extra protein to pancakes in the morning with a few scoops of the High Protein Shake. I am not vegan, so I do eat eggs, milk and cheese. Together with the proteins in the Recovery Shake and the High Protein Shake, I get the necessary amount of protein daily."

4. Does your daily nutrition schedule look the same before you run a marathon?

"I try to respect that. Until a maximum of two hours before I run, I don't eat anything. Unless a banana or gingerbread, something that digests easily. In the morning, I eat a carbohydrate-rich snack like the Natural Oat Sport Bar, a tasty oatmeal bar that fills the stomach, at every hour. I often take that to work as a snack."

5. Which supplements do you use?

"I mainly use the following three supplements: Magnesium 100% BISGLYCINATE PRO LINE, Max D-efense and Collagen Complex. Magnesium keeps me from feeling exhausted and supports muscle function. A deficiency would lead to muscle cramps and I definitely need to avoid that. Furthermore, Max D-efense prevents gastrointestinal problems and gives my immune system a boost. Finally, collagen contributes to elasticity and strength of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and bones making Collagen Complex a very important supplement to avoid injuries. For an enthusiastic runner like me, these supplements are indispensable."

6. What does your recovery look like?

"Within 15 minutes of a marathon, I drink a Recovery Shake PRO LINE. Once at home, I take a bath. Furthermore, I try to take care of my muscles through a massage by my husband. Each Saturday, I go to a professional masseur that my husband has trained. I also lubricate my legs with a warm-up ointment to avoid soreness during running. This also helps to pursue maximum recovery."

"In early 2024, I had some problems like bursitis. That was the worst injury so I took some painkillers and put ice on it daily. Fortunately, that passed after a week so I could continue my world record attempt without any worries."

7. There are many sports nutrition brands on the market. Why did you choose Etixx?

"I have used Etixx products before and I am very satisfied with their quality. I am especially a fan of the Recovery Shake PRO LINE (chocolate) and the gels. The support I get from Etixx is very important to keep up my challenge. Both before, during and after the marathons. Moreover, all Etixx products are doping-free tested and have the official Informed Sport certificate."

8. Can you give one last tip to marathon runners?

"Test out your nutrition plan in advance for training and during a marathon focus on making sure you eat and drink enough."