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Sports nutrition
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Muscle Nutrition
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Isotonic Isotonic

Isotonic sports drink rich in carbohydrates, with a 2:1 (glucose:fructose) sugar combination and with electrolytes.

2000 gr.

€ 43.99 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Isotonic Drink Energy Gel Isotonic Drink Energy Gel

Isotonic Energy gel and therefore optimal and fast absorption.

12x60 ml

€ 32.50 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Recovery Shake PRO LINE Recovery Shake PRO LINE

A high-dose mix of carbohydrates, whey protein isolate, leucine and minerals. Ideal after intensive or long training/competition.

1400 gr.

€ 54.99 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Sport Hydro Tab Sport Hydro Tab

Low Calorie electrolyte effervescent tablet for optimal hydration.

3x15 tablets

€ 22.50 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Energy Marzipan Sport Bar Energy Marzipan Sport Bar

The Etixx Energy Marzipan is a high-quality marzipan bar enriched with magnesium and containing 31g carbohydrates per bar.

12x50 gr.

€ 32.50 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Double Carb Energy Gel PRO LINE Double Carb Energy Gel PRO LINE

A carbohydrate gel for fuel during endurance events.

12x60 ml

€ 32.50 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Sport Gummies Sport Gummies

Contains carbohydrates for during exercise.

12x40 gr.

€ 32.50 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Caffeine Energy Shot Caffeine Energy Shot

Caffeine stimulates alertness and concentration during exercise.

6x25 ml

€ 16.99 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product
Manpower Manpower

Supports mental performances and physical energy.

60 capsules

€ 32.99 Carnitine 1000 - More info about this product


Good hydration equals better performance!
20 May
Good hydration equals better performance!

Ambient temperature is one of the most important factors that stimulates fluid loss during physical exercise. This is also the reason why sweat production can increase dramatically in warm weather. But why do we have to replenish our fluids during exercise? The main reason for this is that by sweating we maintain our body temperature and don’t overheat. We lose excess heat as sweat droplets evaporate on the skin. The warmer it is and the higher the humidity, the more sweat you will produce. It goes without saying that the intensity and type of exercise will also determine the amount of fluid loss. However, this does not prevent winter athletes and even swimmers from losing a large amount of moisture. You also lose a lot of moisture through the air you exhale.

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How to avoid gastrointestinal complaints during exercise?
14 Jan
How to avoid gastrointestinal complaints during exercise?

Do you often suffer from gastrointestinal complaints before or during exercise? In the blog post below, sports doctor Dr. Chris Goossens elaborates on the different causes of gastrointestinal complaints in athletes.

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