Energy Gels


The main fuel for prolonged, intense endurance events is carbohydrates and the amount of carbohydrate that is stored in the body is one of the main determinants of performance. As such, it is important that carbohydrate stores are maximised before endurance exercise and that during prolonged exercise where this stores are depleted, additional carbohydrate is consumed to maintain performance and avoid fatigue. Consuming carbohydrates will help to maintain blood glucose and replenish muscle glycogen. If no carbohydrates are consumed, muscle glycogenwill be depleted after approx. 90 minutes of exercise and severe fatigue may occur.

The amount of carbohydrate that you should take on during exercise will depend on the length of your training or competition.

  • Exercises < 1h: not necessary to consume carbohydrates during exercise.
  • Exercises 1-2h: 30g carbohydrates per hour exercise.
  • Exercises 2-3h: 60g carbohydrates per hour exercise.
  • Exercises >2.5-3h: up to 90g carbohydrates per hour exercise.

The benefit of an Energy Gel compared to a carbohydrate-rich drink is that a gel is a highly concentrated source of carbohydrates (isotonic drink: 4-8% carbohydrates; energy drink: 8-15% carbohydrates; energy gel 40-80% carbohydrates). Compared to an Energy Bar, a gel will be absorbed much faster because it contains no protein or fat that slows emptying of the stomach.

The body can absorb 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour in the form of glucose. If glucose is combined with a carbohydrate that uses a different transport system (e.g. fructose), an athlete can absorb more than 60g of carbohydrates per hour. When glucose and fructose are combined, they are called multi-transportable carbohydrates. Scientific literature shows that a 2:1 ratio of glucose:fructose is the best combination to absorb a high amount of carbohydrates (> 60g/h) without causing stomach discomfort. The Double Carb Energy Gel PROLINE contains 50 g multi-transportable carbohydrates in this most optimal 2:1 ratio of glucose:fructose and is therefore the ideal energy gel for endurance athletes who do extremely long efforts.

Who will benefit from the Etixx Double Carb Energy Gel PRO LINE
Due to the fact that this gel contains a high amount carbohydrates, it is suitable all athletes who  perform (extremely) long endurance efforts (minimally 2-3 hours): cyclists, triathletes, duathletes, long-distance runners, trail runners, long-distance swimmers, …


  • 1-2 gels per hour exercise, during exercises of long duration.
  • Recommended in combination with water.


Water, maltodextrin, fructose, sucrose, glucose syrup, natural flavouring, acidity regulators (citric acid, sodium citrates), sodium chloride, gelling agents (xanthan gum), preservative (potassium sorbate).

No gluten - no lactose –  no soy - vegetarians √– vegans √

Información nutricional

  Per gel (60ml)
Energy (kcal) 200
Energy (kJ) 848
Fat (g) 0
Protein (g) 0
Carbohydrate (g)  50
Of which sugar (g) 26
Salt (g) 0,5
All products in the Sports and Muscle range are banned substance tested
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